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Accommodation Fee

< local guiding fee is included >

< Spend More Time With Family >

Guest House AMARGE supports people who want to get closer to their families.

JPY40,000 per group a night

To support prevention of Covid-19 expand, we accept one group of guests at a time, and guests will not share the facility with any other guests.


Guests can use the entire facility, yard, and the parking lot.


Keep social distance from locals and wear masks if you go out and communicate with people in the village.


Ijika is such a nice destination to enjoy nature and fresh air. We recommend guests to enjoy being in the nature / jogging / walking alongside the beaches / barbecuing.


Whilst you need to be apart from friends, why don't you enjoy being in the nature and spend more time with your family in a countryside?

Sorry. This plan is currently not available to prevent Covid-19 expansion.

< Regular Accommodation Plan >

JPY20,000 per person a night 


 Accommodation fee includes;


 - Availability to use entire guest house 

 - Free transportation from and to Toba station

      ( It costs JPY10,000 for a round trip by taxi )

 - Free Wi-Fi

 - Visiting real 'Amagoya' (Ama's hut) and viewing Ama diving

   from the beach

 - Free English guide & interpreter


 ・Cash ( Japanese Yen only )

 ・Credit Card ( VISA / MasterCard / American Express )

 ・PayPay ( QR codes payment )

check-in / check-out

    ■ Check-in : From 2 PM to 7 PM (If you arrive later, please inform us in advance)

    ■ Check-out : 10 AM


Always available unless it shows "Fully Reserved" or "Unavailable" on the calendar.

2 Rooms, MAX 4 People

<< Things you will have >>

・2 Guest Rooms

・Dining Kitchen

・Living Room



・4 Folding Beds + Extra Futons

・Personal Lockers

・Air Conditioners

・Clean Towels

・Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Body Soap

・Hair Dryer

・Free Wi-Fi

・Laundry Machine and Detergent (No Dryer)

・BBQ Grill and Outdoor Chairs


Hosts are living in another house right beside the guest house, but we are willing to spend time with guests as much as we can.


Please feel free to ask us any questions during your stay.

There are some English & Japanese books about Ama divers and marine related things..
There are some English & Japanese books about Ama divers and marine related things..
Room 1 (East)
Room 1 (East)
Room 2 (West)
Room 2 (West)

meals not included

<< cooking on your own >>

Meals are not included in the accommodation fee. If you help fisherman's work in winter, we serve you free lunch at a fisherman's hat.


You can use the kitchen and cook for yourself. Feel free to use any of the kitchen utensils and equipment. We have a refrigerator, a microwave, three gas stoves, a toaster, a rice cooker and so on. Oil, sugar, salt, and some simple seasonings are available too.


There is a vendor truck coming to the village from 1 to 3 PM on weekdays. You can buy vegetables and fruits from him.


   < CAUTION >

There is no shops and cafe to have breakfast in the village.

Please bring food for your breakfast next morning before you arrive.

<< Visiting local restaurants >>

There are two nice local restaurants within walking distance.

You can enjoy chatting with regular customers and the chefs, and enjoy delicious local specialties and the atmosphere of real fishermen's village.

Please check out '西村食堂 - Nishimura Shokudou' and '佐吉 - Sakichi', both of them are located near the harbor and have English menu.

<< let's barbecue ! >>

We often have a BBQ party at the yard in summer.


This is the best way to enjoy the great scenery from our guest house!


Blue sky, blue ocean, and sounds of birds and leaves of trees.

It's a perfect situation for a BBQ, isn't it?


If guests request, I will do my best to catch abalones and other seafood for your BBQ (additional fee for the seafood).


So, please let me know things you want in advance.

tour & Experiences

We also have some other activities that guests can experience in this fishing village.


- Learning Traditional Tataki-Ami Fishing Technique (Summer)


- Helping Fisherman's Work (Winter)


- Making Dried Fish (Winter)


- Harvesting Edible Seaweeds And Cooking (Spring)


- Making Traditional Local Cuisine (All-Year)


- Learning Marine Biology By Watching Sea Creatures On Seashore (Spring to Summer)



Zakko Club is operated by Tatsuya Sato, a freelance curator and a scientist of marine biology and culture.

He offers a variety of marine activities for visitors, and is a specialist to create educational tour for kids.

Please check out the website for more information.

We provide easy fisherman's work activities available for everybody. If you are afraid of getting on a boat or you are with small children, you can even try taking fish out from the nets at the harbor. It's easy and fun!
We provide easy fisherman's work activities available for everybody. If you are afraid of getting on a boat or you are with small children, you can even try taking fish out from the nets at the harbor. It's easy and fun!

E-mail To Reserve

The accommodation fee and guest acceptance can be changed due to the weather, seasons, and the purpose of your visit. Please check the calendar above and send an e-mail to make a reservation. That is helpful if you inform us the purpose of your visit and things you want to try. If you are coming with children, please let me know his/her age so that we can give you a discount.

<< Thanks for visiting guest house amarge! >>

Equipment & House Rules

・Smoking is prohibited inside the house. Please smoke outside.

・Free parking lot

・Free Wi-Fi

・You have an AC in your room. Also, an electric fan in summer and a space heater in winter are placed in your room.

・Clean towels are prepared.

・There is no TV in the house, but there are books and brochures about this area.

・Please do not leave your personal belongings in common areas.

・Please keep your valuables in locker in your room when you go out.

Precaution To Enjoy The Fishing Village

・There are some forbidden places for ordinary people such as the fishing market, Ama huts, Fisherman's huts and so on. These places are only allowed for fishermen, Ama divers, staffs of Fishing Co-op to get in. Please ask me or somebody near you if you want to approach those places.


・If you would like to take pictures of people in the town, please ask if it's OK to each person. If you are using those pictures and their names on SNS or website, please pay attention on the usage of personal information.


・People in fishing industry don't like the information and places where they fish being revealed to the public. To prevent the places from poachers, please be careful of your usage of information.

These signs are placed to inform that ordinary people are not allowed to enter the area.

Please pay attention on those signs when you are strolling around the town.