Guest House


三重県 鳥羽市 石鏡町


Ijika, Toba city in Mie prefecture.


This is where 'Ama' live. Ama, so called breath-hold female divers, is one of the oldest traditional job and lifestyle for women who live near the ocean.


Ama hold their breath and dive into the ocean to catch a variety of shellfish & seaweeds.


Diving is not a fun activity for them, it's the way how they make their living.


Ama are all very religious, and still keep up old tradition.

You may be surprised to see that those old ladies talk about a number of superstitions and how important those magical customs are.


Mysterious and Cozy, Old but New.

This is Ijika, where Ama live.


Come visit our fishing village.

You will see a real lifestyle of people who live together with the ocean.


Tatsuya Sato (mr.)

Born and raised in Nagoya. Moved to Ijika in 2012.


- Freelance curator and scientist of marine biology and culture.

- Underwater Photographer

- Part-time instructor of Nagoya College of Communication Art

- Founder of Zakko Club

- Language: Japanese / English / Indonesian

rikako sato (mrs.)

Born and raised in Toyota, Aichi. Lived in Nagoya for 8 years and moved to Ijika in 2015.


- Ama diver

- Guest House Owner

- Language: Japanese / English

Rikako   &   Tatsuya
Rikako & Tatsuya

In 2017, we opened a first guest house in Ijika to welcome more people to experience our daily life in this small fishing village.

We want to share the beauty and the harmony of this magical place, and want people to see the real life of fishermen and Ama divers.

We wish our guest house will be a gateway to connect people of 'inside and outside', and stimulate community and culture in a better way.


More information and live event in the town.