Guest Reviews

Wonderfully unique experience amid the Ama diver culture. Our hostess, Rikako, is a amid diver herself. Rikako not only shared her personal experience but introduced us to many senior divers who warmly welcomed us. As three female travelers, we felt an immediate connection to their life. As it was off season, Rikako arranged restaurant and touring adventures for us. It was a truly memorable visit. Her guest house is in a perfect location overlooking the bay. Our group loves to look for sea glass and Rikako showed us a perfect spot.

Bonnie (USA)

Rikako is an amazing host!! You arrive as a guest but leave as friends. She immerses you into a tiny fishing village and makes you feel truly at home. She teaches you all about the lifestyle of fishermen and ama divers which is very interesting. The views from the guesthouse are spectacular! We loved every minute and only wished we could have stayed longer. The love and respect for nature in this village is beautiful. Thank you for your sincere hospitality!

Kate (USA)

Being guest at Rikako’s house was a wonderful experience. The House is spacious and comes with all the amenities.

Rikako provides all sorts of supplies such as cooking tools and seasonings, as well as laundry soaps, air condition, wi-fi, everything you can think of for a useful stay is there! 

The house is next to Rikako’s so the privacy is guarantee. There is a wonderful view of Ijika’s harbour bay in from of the house, and the access to downtown is easy by car or by feet.

The most unique experience that the guesthouse can provide is to be so close to the everyday's life of a real Ama diver, which is a unique experience in the world and especially of this area of Japan. I would recommend Rikako’s guesthouse to anyone who want to experience a less tourist point of view of this wonderful country and to enjoy the lifestyle of the fisherman’s and ama’s communities.

Davide (Italy)

Rikako san was a wonderful host. Although my trip did not coincide with the ama divers' diving schedule (be sure to check when booking if you want to observe diving), spending time with them gave me a rare and valuable insight into a part of Japan that many have not seen. It would help to have some Japanese language ability but Rikako can also translate between Japanese and English. The guest house was exceptionally clean. There are a couple of restaurants with walking distance, but you'll need to bring your own breakfast. I wish I could have stayed longer! Thank you, Rikako san!

Matthew (Australia)

Best host ever! Rikako is a really nice and kind host. We wanted to learn about Ama and she was the best person to go with. Totally recommend her place, its nice, clean and has an incredible view to the ocean.

Rosa (Mexico)

Rikako’s guest house has a unique vibe and atmosphere , very calm and relaxed due to the well location on the hill.

Just outside the main entrance you can experience a gorgeous view of the bay where fishermen and Ama’s boat sail out to the open sea . 

The house is well organised , all the room are spacious and provided with AC unit , bathroom and toilet are clean and full equipped with everything you need, same goes for the kitchen , you can cook anything.

The perfect place to stay if you want to live a real Ama experience, since Rikako dives everyday with her group and community she will provide you with all information and details regarding the everyday life of this ancient art. Experiencing those moments and those places with Rikako has been wonderful and profound .

Luca (Italy)

The host, Rikako-san told us her life in a small fishing town. She is a novice ama diver and started ama 2 years ago. She gave us her understanding of ama from the practitioner’s point of view. This was a very educational trip! My girlfriend loved different types of sea creatures she had seen in the port.

Mitsukuni (Japan)

Our visit to Amarge guesthouse and the world of Ama divers was the most beautiful and intense experience on our trip to Japan. The guesthouse is really nice, well equipped and very clean. And about the host Rikako we can speak only in superlatives. She is a lovely host, very helpful and a perfect person to introduce you to the traditional lifestyle she is part of. 

Early in the morning we went to the beach where the team of Rikako is diving, watched how they prepare for a dive, what is their procedure before and after diving. We loved the moments in the wooden hut where they take a rest, prepare their food and warm up after the first dive. After diving we went to the market where they sell their daily catch. It was so interesting. 

Being part of a day of those special and legendary ladies was a once in a lifetime experience for us and we think more visitors to Japan should learn about it and experience it. Till then it remains an off the beaten track experience, where you won't see any other tourist.

Ana (Slovenia)